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how to align an image in wordpress post

How to align an image in wordpress post manually
Hello dear bloggers! Today i'll be teaching you how to align an image in your wordpress post manually.We'll assign a class for our image for that. Below code is a sample usage, with more examples i'm gonna try to make it clearer.
1- Shift "visual tab" to "text" tab
2- Assign a class <img class="align.... />
3- Paste image URL in src="#"
4- Update the post and you are done.
Sample  (this code will align the image to the left side
<img class="alignleft" alt="" src="http://imageURL.jpg" width="150" height="100" />

You can align images just sticking the commands "left/right/center after align .You can play with code...
class="alignrigt" => will align right side
class="aligncenter" => will align center

Thank you very much for reading and i hope i could explain it clearly.
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