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it's easy to increase your website pagerank


First let's find  out “what
is pagerank?” before finding out “how to increase pagerank”,so pagerank is your indirect link that is out of your site.What do i mean? Please keep up reading my article.
Assuming that there are two websites called website A and website B, the website A  has very good quality and it is very original,but website B is very poor,and its content is not good quality,when someone visits the website B, he will offer the others to visit the website A,and they will give a link to the website A, in this way, the pagerank of website A will be increased, but the pagerank of website B will not  increase/will increase too little.

Every webpage has a pagerank degree between "0-10", i mean it’s given a pagerank point between “0-10” for a webpage. This value is specified by google with different criteria, if any website's pagerank is 8 that means this website is precious for Google and Google shows this website on the top of search result,in short, if  a website's pagerank is high,it easily finds a better place in search engines.But the pagerank is only one factor  effecting on search result.

Link number: As i have said before,if any owner of a website assigns some links opening towards to your website the pagerank of your site will be increased, when you have "10" links on other websites your pagerank becomes "1"

What kind of website is assigning you a link: which website assigns you a link? this is very important.If the pagerank of website that assigns you a link is 8,your pagerank may be 6 suddenly and surprisingly.

Total links on the website that assigns you a link: it is very important how many links are there  in a website that assigns you a  link.If there are 50 links on the website:

Relevant websites: Let’s say that your website occupies with  computer, and you are creating some posts about computer, it this case when a website which serves to its users chatting with each other(chat sites) gives you a link in that doesn't act on your pagerank,but when another site related with computer gives you a link,your pagerank will increase hihgly.

Quality and Original Content
The best way to increase pagerank is to compose quality and original content,if your website content is quality and if it is not copy, you needn't to make an effort to increase your pagerank,your visitors will do your duty instead.Surely they will give you a link on your website or on forum sites.

Let them to assign a Link
Create a page called " support us" create some banner and link that they may use while assigning a link.I’m giving you a sample HTML code that allows the users to assign a link.You can use the below one, it’s enough to create a link.
<a href=yoursitename.com title="a word,a keyword" target="_self">your keyword</a>
Write some words as a keyword that will help you in search engines,also do not forget to create some logos for your website to use in your "Support Us" page.

There are a lot of pagerang tools to let you know what yours is but it is enough to install Firefox or Google toolbar to learn your pagerank
You can download and install a plugin clicking here
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