7 Aralık 2012 Cuma

set up a custom domain on blogger from godaddy

Hello everyone! How are you? today i'm gonna show you very clearly how to add a custom domain on blogger that you've purchased from godaddy.com. This tutorial is written under godaddy-blogger domain settings, this is called adding third-party domain settings on bloggger, i do recommend you purchasing a domain through Google because all settings will be have done for you(instead of you).But this is not generally accepted, yes of course you may use a third-party domain on blogger.In this tutorial yes we show you how to add a custom domain that is purchased from godaddy.com, but in fact every third-party domain registrar(provider) has the same adjustment.

Watch video below to add a custom on blogger that is purchased from godaddy.com:

More Tips:
---Do not forget to make checked "Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com box on blogger dashboard. To do this go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Publishing
---Do not forget to add blogger IP addresses to godaddy as A(host) name.Click here for more instructions and how to do that.
if you don't do these ones you'll get an error something like on the image below.

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