17 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

how to add syntax highlighter in your blogger-website

Do you have a trouble showing your codes in your blog or website,we can get rid of this trouble with syntax highlighter that created by alex Gorbatchev.
There are 3 steps for adding and using his syntax highlighter, javascript,CSS,textarea.

 Let's do!
 1- Login your blogger dasboard with your gmail account.Follow these steps Design >> Edit HTML >> Expand Widget Templates ,then search for the tag ]]></b:skin> using CTRL + F and paste following Javascript code just after/blow it.


2- This time find the tag </head> with CTRL + F again, and paste the following CSS code just before/above it.

CSS codes:

3- Lastly find the tag </body> with CTRL + F, then paste below code just above/before it.

4 Now save your template, You are done!

How to Use Syntax Highlighter

1- Put your HTML/Javascript code between <textarea>...</textarea> as shown blow

<textarea class="c#" cols="70" name="code" rows="10"> ...Put Some Code Here ...</textarea>

2- About Syntax Highlighter

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