27 Aralık 2012 Perşembe

facebook comment box for blogger blogspot[NEW]

Hello everyone! Today i'm gonna show you how to use Facebook comment connect box in blogger.

  • It's the most popular
  • Almost everybody has a Facebook account
  • Sends visitor from Facebook
  • It's threaded (reply option)
  • Allows to like, send, share
Let's do!
1-Login Facebook
2-Go to Facebook plugins comments here
3-"URL to comment on" enter yours and click on side area to see preview
4-Click on "Get Codes"
Please loot at the image below for instructions

The Numbers and Instructions
1-It just post / comment number that you'll allow to be seen on a page
2-It's extremely important click Javascript SDK i'm gonna show you that where you'll  paste it in blogger.
But before adding Javascript SDK you need to know in advance what is your Facebook appID, to get this appID login Facebook and click your fan page,you'll see it on browser

we are still busy with javascript SDK, this code will be added just after(under) <body> opening tag, you can get javascript SDK here

In Javascript SDK numbered 1 is your plugin language, to learn what is yours click here. Then replace it with your own language, for the number 2 paste any URL or Facebook fan page URL, for the number 3 add "appID"
3-It's Facebook comment box plugin you can add it wherever you want in <body>... </body> tag but the best placement for it is right under of every post.To add it under every post search for <p class='comment-footer'> there might be this code exists twiceor thrice try to see last one(thrice one) and paste Facebook comment plugin just i have shown you on the image below

Not: you can remove all codes between <p>...</p> and replace with Facebook plugin code but save it after all in case you add blogger comment box later.
Now we don't allow a post / comment under every post to be appeared, we'll make a unique URL for the plugin so that a visitor comments on just a post which is they want to comment only, so your last plugin code should look like <div class='fb-comments' data-num-posts='2' data-width='470' expr:href='data:post.url'/>

expr:href='data:post.url this code will separate a post from each other, so a visitor doesn't see their comment under every post, this code gets the permalink of post in blogger.

4-Actually i do not know what that is or what's it needed for,but the plugin works together with it. I find it optional.

Thank you!