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download articulate studio 9 pro

Download Articulate Studio 09
Articulate Video Encoder
Articulate studio is really a great software that you can create a survey or a quiz and its very ideal for all educational purposes. Articulate studio 9 comes up with together articulate video encoder, articulate quizmaker, articulate presenter and articulate engage.

Throughout articulate video encoder you can convert a video into followings:

Furthermore you can videos trim, crop volum up - volum down, insert logo,add  tranparency and so forth.
you can have a look at articulate video encoder's interface on image below
click on image to enlarge

Articulate Engage
Articulate engage is really a powerful tool to keep in touch with customers, comunity or group, you can simply create thoroughout articulate engage these interactions:
Process, Labeled Graphic, Tabs, Circle Diagram, Timeline, Media Tour, FAQ and so forth.You can have a loot at possibilities, articulate engage renders possible on image below:
Click on image to enlarge

Articulate Quizmaker
Articulate Quizmaker is indispensable software to create graded and  survey questions, check the image below out to have more information about articulate quizmaker
Click on image to enlarge

Articulate Presenter
Articulate Presenter simply allows you to create powerpoint presentations in minutes, it is the best alternative to microsoft powerpoint. You can transform all works into powerpoint.Articulate studio 9 is an appreciated softaware in their field. Articulate Studio 9 is known best e-learning software.

Go there! Articulate Studio 9

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