17 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

alternative image storage platform

We use picasa to get image URL,what if picasa collapses someday, then we need second great image hosting site,there are a lot of website to upload our images but they don't store our images for a long time in 90 days or in six months storage duration of images expires,and we see their ads instead of our images.

Windows Live SkyDrive allows you to share and upload your files,all you need to use Windows Live Skydrive is having a hotmail account.Click here to get an account from hotmail or  to login your existing account.
How to Upload Images

1) Login your hotmail account Do Windows Live >> SkyDrive

2) Click on  Public >> Add Files >> Choose your image from your desktop then do "Upload", you can upload at the same time five images.Click double/twice on your image that you uploaded, to get its URL

(!) http://cid-0070291b27ef99ce.office.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/aftlogosu.jpg
this is not your real image URL,to get your URL you must  see an URL something like http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1ptPfnzKImXAmUUbt26Yva44YFusaPqv-tjRps6ZBo7LXmBtDtlQhBvYmo5bhK4CL3zx3z7l56I_2DSaESaFCT5Q/aftlogosu.jpg?psid=1

This is exactly your URL ,but delete ?psid=1 in the end of URL.Now you can use your image URL in your website or blog freely.

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