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top tips for making online money

Golden Rules For Making Online Money

No matter what you choose to earn, to me you should absolutely have a website or blog. This is the golden rule. Ways to reach people goes through internet.Yes of course, you can not reach to a massive crouwd  immediately. Initially nobody hears your scream. If you labor, and spend time, your visitor number increases in the long run. And this turns back to you as plus. In our days, people who  wants to sell a product, spend a lot of money and purchase advertisement, i mean if we are interested in e-commerce or selling a product, we should reach to people and that's possible via internet. That's not very easy at first.There are a lot of ways to earn, but the main problem is "Advertisement" , so reaching to people of course. Now build a website to reach people.

Pay attention while building a website/blog

The websites or blogs are ideal for giving a demonstration.This method is not only without expense, but also it is attractive.

1) Before starting to create a website, your domain is very important, it must be related with your content. For example you are selling some health products, your domain may be "healthylife.com, healthyandlonglife.com/org etc.

2) Your domain must be short,but must have a meaning,yeah you are right your domain may be different according to projects, even if your domain be long at least it may be catchy.

3) You can get your site from wordpress or from blogger.These two systems are very good. But if you create your site with blogger all that you need to do is to buy a domain, no host needed in blogger. And also you can buy your domain throughout blogger itself, or through third-party persons like goDaddy, awardspace etc. But this time you must direct your domain to blogger.(watch: how to add a custom domain on blogger?) If you buy your domain from blogger you don't have to direct it to anywhere, blogger will do all requirements instead of you, you'll just enjoy your site. By the way today a domain in blogger 10 US Dollars/year (08.03.2011).

You need a host to install wordpress, you can buy a host by paying 10 - 15 Dollars for a year, in Wordperss everything is easier, you can add some widgets, gadgets,plugins, so you can edit and customise your wordpress site.Wordpress has a lot of nice theme and template. You can turn your site into shopping site with one click.

Blogger doesn't support a host, and you can not install a plugin, if you decided to have a site from Blogger you should be good at coding, especially at HTML and CSS. If you think you are good at coding, your Blogger blog may be nicer than a website. And remember that always there is Google behind Blogger. You can use Blogger without hesitation, and my site also is powered by Blogger.

The Result
As you see there a lot of way to earn, today a domain and a host from Wordpress don't exceed 20 Dollars/yea, If you choose having a blog from Blogger this price is less, over for 10 Dollar/yea. I strongly recommed you to build a website or to have a blog if you are interested in online money

Take care!

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