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Have You Registered Your Blog to Google Yet ?

You've created a website or a blog working hard day and night.You're very excited you'll publish it, and proud of yourself you've achieved a great job.You believe that it looks nice and it'll find a better place on internet.But you might be have forgotten a huge point.It's registration to search engines.Every search engine has specific registration system,So we'll here show you how to register to Google,which is the most common search engine for everyone.

Why is It Necessary?

When you not register to search engine,somebody may register instead of you,in this case you are thief of your own website.Who is the first,it is the owner. If you you've not indexed a website to Google,that means your door is open while you're sleeping, a malicious person can stole your all content and can be have indexed them instead of you,So Google will think wrongly,that person is owner,you are thief. If you don't want to be thief your own website,register to Google immediately. I'll show you how, please continue to reading...

How to Register to Google

In order to register to Google you need a Google account(Gmail), our first step is to add our URL to Google, to do this click here, then read the instructions are given there, and complete the registration.Our second step is to add our site to Google.We'll use Google webmaster tools to do this.Visit Google webmaster tools for registration now.

Enter your URL
We must first create a site map for registration to Google,but it's not possible to create a site map for blogger(blogspot) users.We'll solve this problem with our RSS reader,that is atom.Before sending our sitemap to Google, we need to confirm that we are owner the URL we've added just now.After you've added an URL to Google webmaster tools you'll see something like mine on the image above.At the same line on the right side,Click " Manage" and do "Add or remove owners", or you'll see a new page just like below if you trying to register first.There are four ways to prove to Google.I'm using second option that is "Add a meta tag to your site's homepage"
Copy it and paste just after/under the tag <head>, then save your template.Now you've verified the ownership.

How to Send Blogger(blogspot) Sitemap to Google

We've added our blog to google and we also verified the ownership, from now on Google knows that we're owner the URL we've sent just now. But lastly we should send our sitamap to Google,which helps to our content being indexed.

As i've told you above we have no chance to create a sitemap for blogger(blogspot),we'll use its RSS reader that is atom.

http://www.brotherblogger.com/atom.xml is my RSS reader,that's why it is my sitemap as well.If you don't direct your RSS to Feedburner you may see atom.xml, but if you are redirecting to Feedburner,you'll face an error while trying to add blogger's sitemap to Google.To make sure you're redirected to Feedburner or not write on browser http://yourblogname.com/atom.xml if you see a same address like "http://yourblogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default" that means you are not redirected.

How to Deactivate Direction

We can get rid of this problem by adding some tags at the end of our sitemap.We've cancelled to redirection by doing this.


Let's Send Our Sitemap Now

While on your Webmaster tools Dashboard click your site URL, then do Site configuration >> Sitemaps >> Submit a Sitemap

Choose an act which suits to you...
1-If you are redirected to Feedburner;

2-If you are not redirected;

Do you have very much content? and want to all of them to be indexed ?, so just add below tags at the end of sitemap.

Submit now!
Once you do this,you can submit up to 1000 posts to Google.Just write new articles and keep in touch with your readers safely.

In this totorial we've seen:
1-How to add a site to Google
2-How to create a sitemap for blogger(blogspot)
3-How to verify a site/blog to Google
4-How to send blogger site map to Google

Do you have any suspicion in your mind please don't hesitate to leave a comment, for more information you can ask me via comment.

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