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how to customize your feedburner e-mail subscription form

Customizing of your feedburner form is very easy, i've already customized a form for you, just replace your feeed URL with mine,and have a good-looking subscription form.It is also available chainging its CSS code styles,so you may have your unique subscription form, if you don't like mine.Original Feerburner subscription form is like on the image left, it is very simple and colourness, maybe some like it, but i don't...
Get Started
1--- Login your blogger Dashboard with your gmail account, Do Design >> Edit HTML >> Expand Widget Templates and search the tag ]]></b:skin> with CTRL + F key combination, then add below CSS codes just above/before it.

CSS code:

2 ---While at your Dashboard do Design >> Add a Gadget >> HTML/Javascript, then paste blow subscription form codes
(!) First change my feed URL with yours,before adding on your sidebar,it's enough to change in form "search2add"
Feedburner Subscription Form:

Customize Form:
search2add: replace it with your feed burder ID(uri)
Enter Your E-mail... : replace it with any text you wish, for example " Subscribe us" etc.

Customize CSS code:

# : Add your URL as background of your form
300 and other numbers : Customize your subscription form's width and height as pixel, for more customization please search for CSS code styles, if you are good at editing CSS codes, your form may look nicer.

 click here to preview

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