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adf.ly - The URL shortening service that pays you

adf.ly - shorten links and earn money!

There is a lot of method to earn from internet.This article about how to earn by shortening link.First and formost, let me to give you some information about this system.Adf.ly is a uselful site that allows you to earn shortening your links.All that you have to do is visiting this website and to share or to publish its link that you're given.The followers visit the sites clicking your shortened links,but they see an ads for 5seconds before visiting,so ads system works like that.All country hasn't got the same cost,the price changes from country to country.You can make 5 US Dollars for your 1000 impressions.For example if you interested in uploading,you can make extra money,shortening your link by this way,you can also share these links in forums. To sample, publish a song link that is very popular,people will wonder and will click your link.Maybe you try to find more inresting link,it is completely up to you.The more you share,the more you earn,in other word, shorten more link and earn more.Now please let me to talk about the system using images.First of all,click ADF.LY and log in the site...
On the homepage be a member of site clicking JOIN NOW.There signing up is very simple

After logging in your account click TOOLS link there,you'll see the menu just like bellow

1) Mass Shrinker:
By using "Mass Shrinker" you can copy the links in a box ,which is you want to shorten. In domain box, make sure "adf.ly" is selected.We can use 2 ads style for links that we've shortened, these are in advertising box,you can choose interstitial advert ads type or Framed banner but you make much money with interstitial advert.

2)What advertising type means?
in order to make money with this system,you should choose interstitial ads unit.In these ads unit,your ads will appear with full screen,before visiting to target site, after 5 seconds you'll see "Skip ad" button upper right.The revenue transferred to your account,after 5 seconds elapsed.

Once you choose framed ads unit,your link only appears on upper of target site,but payment is too less for this kind of ads unit,you can not earn much money.Just you can earn 1:10 of interstitial advert unit, that's why choose "interstitial advert" ads unit.

3) Easy Links: You can shorten maximum 20 links in "Mass Shirinker" box,but there is another way to shorten the links, that's "Easy Links".First of all,please learn what's your referral link.This is mine http://adf.ly/?id=313909 ,now let's try to shorten a sample link:

"http://adf.ly/?id=313909/www.yoursitename.com" as you see all that you have to do to shorten a link is adding your site URL at the end of your referral link.Using this way, you can shorten any link without visiting Adf.ly site.Shorten more link and share on internet,you can also share them on your facebook and twitter profile.

4) I've a website,there are thousands of link in my website, can i shorten all links with one click?
yeah! you can shorten your all links automatically,your published all links become adf.ly,so you begin to earn immediately.All you need to do is adding following script in your index.php.
For example; we've said that you interested in uploading,if you want to shorten only your uploading links,just add bellow script in your blog or website to index.php page,but if you have a blog from wordpress add it in index.php and single.php.

var adfly_id = 313909;
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var domains = ['depositfiles.com', 'rapidshare.com', 'vip-file.com', 'smsfiles.ru', '4files.net', 'turbobit.ru', 'uploading.com', 'letitbit.net', 'depositfiles.ru', 'sms4file.com', 'ifolder.ru', 'hotfile.com', 'anyfiles.net', 'sharingmatrix.com', 'megashare.com', 'megaupload.com', 'rapidshare.de', 'rapidshare.ru', 'uploadbox.com', 'filefactory.com', 'filefactory.ru', 'filepost.ru', 'onefile.net', 'freefolder.net', 'getthebit.com', 'turbobit.net',];
< /script>
< script src=”http://adf.ly/js/link-converter.js”></script>

Do you want shorten your all link? Then use following script:

var adfly_id = 313909;
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var exclude_domains = ['example.com', 'yoursite.com',];
< /script>
< script src=”http://adf.ly/js/link-converter.js”></script>

in the line "exlude_domains",which site you add,all links in that site will shorten,the more site you add,the more money you earn.

It's forbidden to shorten pornografic links in Adf.ly.According to given information in the site,you can click your shortened link just once to try out,but after all, i don't recommend you to click it yourself. Don't send your link to your friend through MSN. It should be happen in organic ways,but you may share your links in forums,in blogs,in chat rooms, i mean just share your links on the internet,begin to earn.


You can earn 5 US Dollars for your 1000 impressions with this system,but every country hasn't got the same value to earn. United states,Canada,United kingdom,Australia are top countries for you.You see their average above.Click here and see what's your country average.Lastly you get 20% of the references,but first you should learn what's your referral link.Furthermore you get 5% of anybody as a commision ,who gave an advertisement to site after clicked your banner.

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