7 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

Write at search2add for High Revenue from Internet

Let's Build a Team
-Are you already writing a blog?
-Do you think you can teach something?
-Do you want to earn more money?
-Do you want to increase your popularity/pagerank?
-Do you need a team?

So let's do all together!

In this context, we began to accept new authors to our blog,who is going to write a tutorial to teach something.

What kind of concept will be accepted?
Every author joined us,can write about all tutorial from game to internet,from internet to breaking webnews,all concept will be accepted if it has a tutorial side.

Why do i accept your offering?

It's going to give you more benefits if you are already interested in earning money from internet.You'll be able to use your ads unit in your own posts once you start to write,You'll able to sell your product through the blog search2add.Look at the image below to learn how is your post going to appear.

This is a preview of how is your post will appear 

# Being accustomed to writing with blogger
# Having a Google account, i.e: gmail

# Political posts can not be accepted.
# Hard-core posts can not be accepted.
# Every concept is to have a tutorial feature.

If you decided to be a member of our team contact us via dailywebalert@gmail.com or use following contact form,we'll send a request, when your application accepted.

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