13 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Preliminary to Creating a Website Using Dreamweaver

What Should we Know Before Starting to Create a Website
Choose a good Concept
Our site's concept must different than others,so we can find a spot for us on internet.Today's most popular websites have their own concept.For example there are thousands of websites,whose admin or authors are writing about computer,if we also write about computer,we can not find a spot in front of these websites,we can loose ourself amoung them.But internet and computer security other part of computer,if we focus on that topic,it would be better than writing about computer,amount of websites,whose concept is internet&security is surely less than the websites whose concept is computer.

The colors you used for a website shouldn't exhaust eyes of a visitor,you can choose compatible colors for your website.Click here and check out some HTML colors or download a HTML color predictor.On the image blow i've marked a sample compatible colors.


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