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how to create a website using dreamweaver_1

Do you want to create a website? then you're at the right address.Me and my blog are going to be with you while creating a website.I'll give you all tips to create a website.we can create a website with an HTML editor e.g. Dreamweaver,Frontpage.With these HTML editors you can create static webpages.

What is static Webpages?
Static webpages consist of HTML pages,it needs to act blow steps:

Choosing an HTML editor: You can create a website using Dreamweaver,Frontpage.
Choosing a template:You can find lot of free and paid template from internet.
Editing The Template: You'll learn it with us.
Publishing to Internet:You can publish your website using a FTP program e.g. Filezilla,CuteFTP.

Adobe(formerly Dreamweaver)is a multifunction HTML editor.It has a lot of features.With Dreamweaver talent and smart tools you can create a website easier and faster.Because Dreamweaver has multifunction features,its new user(newbie) may find it difficult.But after some time using he'll get used to program and will be addict.Dreamweaver is now the most preferred HTML editor.
Since Frontpage has a uselful and easy interface,generally preferred by beginners.Frontpage is a Microsoft Office program.You can not purchase from internet.It's given together with your office package.
in order to run frontpage do Start >> Programs >> MS >> Microsoft Frontpage

These either program is quality and they will meet your needs.But as i have told you just now,adobe dreamweaver widespread amoung the webdesigners.However make sure that you can catch the success with both program.We're going to write about Frontpage,but this is a Dreamweaver tutorial.

Choose a Template
You can create a website from start to finish yourself.But it takes hours,and needs to be master at coding.If you think you can not design a template,no need to worry, there are thousands of free and paid templates on internet.We've some template prepared for you to work on it.

Chose a template to work on it

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