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how to create categories in blogger blogspot Part II

For the time being blogger doesn't allow to its users to create category section with one click, i mean there is no link or button for creating category in blogger, after all we may use our labels, Labels may help us to create category in blogger, but we must find the best fit label for our post Hmm! i'm thinking of it for my newest post, i think this post is related with Blogger, blogging, so my labels for this post will be "Blogger, Blogging"

   And yours?
Now describe what is your post related with?

Computer? if so, then your labels must be "hardware, softwareDisplay card" etc.
as an illustration your post related with computer, you've completed your post, you used "Hardware" for label and you've published your post.Click on your new label(Hardware), and save its URL in anywhere.
a sample URL: http://search2add.blogspot.com/search/label/hardware 

Now follow these steps Design >> Add a Gadget >> Link List (Configure Link List)

Tittle: You know it is your kategories.
Number of links to show in list: Leave blank
Sorting: Choose a sorting type "Sort alphabetically" or "Sort reverse alphabetically" or " Do not sort"
New Site URL: It is your first kategory URL, your all post under the label "Hardware" will shown if you used it for many times as label.
New Site Name: This your kategory link that visible on your sidebar

More Categorize:
If you want to add another category link click on "ADD URL" then repeat the same steps as you learnt just now.

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