11 Mart 2011 Cuma

Contact With Your Customer Via AMMYY

Are  you webmaster?
Does your student need help?
Are you freelancer?

Help your students or customers from anywhere.Ammyy admin contacts you everybody,who has trouble using a program or software.

Access Computers from Anywhere
* No need for real ip-address (for Client or Operator)
* No configuration of IP addresses
* No need to change or open ports
* No need for setting up the Firewall or VPN, this help's to avoid creating new security "holes" in your system
* Work with all existing firewall and internet infrastructures
* No extra hardware of software to deploy
* Access computers behind gateways NAT without port mapping

How It Works?
We are running Ammyy admin on our desktop,and tell our ID to person who is going to help us,then we push "Start" button,a connection message will appear, that means our ID was sent to our trainer and he wants to help us we can start to getting help by accepting the request.once you get connection button do "Accept"

Ammyy admin remote desktop is a free program, for more informatin and downloading  visit the official website of Ammyy admin.
Ammyy admin doesn't require installation or administrator.

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