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data post img styles in blogger

Dear Search2add reader and blogger fans! Actually all of us is blogger fan,but blogger need some arrangement,one of that arragements is editing its data-post img styles.Blogger default post image styles look really very bad.That may be unluckiness for much blogger fans huh? in fact it's not luckiness,because we can edit and customize blogger's all component ...to its HTML codes,CSS codes, static pages,templates etc.But in this tutorial we'll learn how to costomize data-post img styles in blogger posts,additionally there is a live DEMO below about this article please check it out for a while before reading

There is a code line in your blogger HTML tags,that's .data-post img{...},this code group shapes your post image styles.we'll do some change with this code line and later our images in our blogger post will look delicious.

You see 3 image styles above, you can use one of them in your blogger posts,in order to use any image styles please search "data-post img or post img" by using CRTL+F.Remove all code line in ".data-post img{all codes here...}" then replace it with any image styles you liked,new image style codes are listed below
1-CSS Facebook Style:

2-CSS Opacity Style:

3-CSS Border Style:

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