11 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi

the easiest way to get an image url

We need an image URL while creating a web album or for our background.There is some way to get an image URL,you may upload your images to image hosting sites,such as tinypic , photobucket , picasaweb but if you have a blog from blogger,you can get an URL for your images in 5 seconds...
Now login your blogger dashboard with your gmail account,click on "NEWPOST"

1.click on "Insert image" leave blank Title: ...,you don't need to call a title you may leave it blank,we'll not
publish the post, just we're gonna get an image URL

2.Upload =>Browse... => Choose an image => Add selected
3.Now your image URL is ready to use
Click on "Edit HTML" tab to see your image url,as you see on image above total blue area(selected) is your image URL,you can use this URL for all platforms,save it anywhere(recommend in txt file),then quit creating a post,don't publish and delete your post now

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