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page navigation for blogger with thumbnail


There is text navigation widget in blogger default templates, in some third-part templates, but there is page navigation with thumbnail,if you don't have a thumbnail widget for surfing among your posts,you can customize your default widget how you wish,i'm gonna show you how we'll do it.

Generally your default navigation widget looks like that "Previous Home Next " we'll able to change this with thumbnails ones after this instructions,and your new page navigation widget may look like that:

For previous post search this code line with ctrl+f
1.Find that <data:newerPageTitle/>this code's duty in your template is to write " Previous" if you find that replace it with below code:

2. Now find this code: <data:olderPageTitle/> this code's task in your template is to create this link "Next" for surfing among pages if you find that replace it with below code:

3.Now findthis code: <data:homeMsg/> and this code's job in your template is to create this link Home for turn back to your home page,if you find that replace it with below code:

There may be two <data:homeMsg/> in your template,it is enough to replace just with first one,don't touch to second one,you may remove that code <center>...</center> if it already exists there,this code's mission is to center your new thumbnail

And now you can save and publish your post to see result,but there is more thumbnail icon for your new navigation widget,i offer you to glance the sample below,and also you can create your thumbnail in any image editor,if you don't have any image editor such as photoshop,fireworks you can search for thumbnails in image hosting sites br writing in their search box next/previous/home icon.

here it is more thumbnail
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We've learnt in this tutorial
1.How to customize pagenavigation widget in blogger.
2.How to use thumbnail instead of text
3.<data:newerPageTitle/> previous
4.<data:homeMsg/> creates Home
5.<data:olderPageTitle/> creates Next for surfing among the pages...
Happy Blogging!

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