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using keyword tools in blogger in a website

Useful Tools For Choosing Your Keyword
google adwords keyword tool

   With this tool, you can learn which/how often a word is searched and you can also learn advertiser rival business.
by learning which word is getting much arvertisement and how often is searched you can optimize your website with the best word,
at the same time,with this tool you can raise number of visitor and you can reach to your target audience.

                                                                META TAG TOOLS
Meta tag tools assists to your website to be friend with search engines
--- by analysing your meta tags
--- by regulating to density of keyword in the pages
if which word is searched do you want to see yours on top of list,try to hold this words on a level with 1,5% - 2,5% in your page,thus you will  be optimizing  your pages.By using lists below you can analiyse your meta tags.


By adding to meta tags into your pages,you can allow to spiders to sum up more information, to sum up better information about your page
while using tools below,write only needed information,your meta tags are ready for use





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