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to have a blog from blogger


   Having a blog from blogger is very easy,you can get a blog and start to write immediately,but you can not get a blog if you don't have a gmail acoount,last year that was possible but i don't know why this year it is unavailable,anyways it is also very easy to get an acoount from gmail,click here and get an account from gmail,later we'll use this account for adsense to get revenue,it will work for us.

Now we assume that you have a gmail account,so let's have a blog from blogger click here for that, then log in with your gmail account,when you are at your blogger dashboard

See this link and click on it,you'll see first step

You are now at first step
1.write your blog title i.e: search2add-free web tutorial
2.give a name to your blog i.e: freewebtutorial
3.check its availability(if somebody uses this name you must choose another name)
4.write what you see in the image
5.click "continue" for next step

Now you are at step 2 choose a template for starter,you may change or edit it later,you will able to find tutorial for that in this blog.

If you decide which blog to use click "continue" for the next step.

                                         And this is your last step your blog is ready for enjoy

As you see,to have a blog from blogger is very easy,we have created a blog for ourself with 2 or 3 steps, but that is not all, we must take care of our blog, we must add some widget and gadget.Fortunately we are gonna try to do them here.If you see "your blog has been created!"

click on "start blogging" button for test

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