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the keywords adding using how seo

In this page we're gonna learn to keywords,how to use them with high quality/performance.Keywords are the words that related with your website content,by adding keywords into your meta tags,you can reach to better place in searching result.For example you've created a website related with computer,in this case your keywords will be these ones: "computer, hardware, software, ..., " when these ones are searched in search engine,you may see your website in searching list

Now make a decision, which keyword is related with your website content,and use them in your meta tags and in page you've created

For example: let's assume that these are your keyword "blogspot, search2add, seo, "
your keyword

Assume that this is your title of new post,article...

your title of post/article

there is seo word in your keyword,in your title, and also  "seo" words must be in your post/article 1,5% - 2,5%
Assume that this is a post;
  a word, a clause word word word seo another
word again more word and write again
 a link seo this another word or
sentence you see a seo
 link again.Put some link seo in post,as
 i've do just now.Keep this ratio 1,5% - 2,5%.

seo word in labels
 and this is your labels. There is seo word also here,it is the best harmony,we have added it in four area

This is very good method for search engine optimization,you must apply this way for your all post/article,you'll realize that you are climbing to peak of search engines

The keywords,you will choose for our website are very important, let's ask to ourself
we've created a website,and we've chosen its keywords
--- whether these keywords are searched in search engines very often or not?
--- is there other keywords we could not have anticipated?
--- can we find the best keywords by thinking or by anticipating?
in such cases,choosing keywords by using some tools is easier,useful and scientific

by using google keyword tool you can find
--- which word is the most searched?
--- what are other alternative keywords?
after finding the words you could not have anticipated and the most searched ones,you can optimize your website according to them.

According to google,a word in a website,for example "computer" if its density of using in a page is 2%, that means this page is related with computer,if this rate is 9% and more google perceives this position as deceit, assesses it as an act,you trying to mislead search engine,and kicks the site to bottom of list,so try to keep keyword range in the page on a level with 1,5% - 2,5%.

So,by following the link below you can analyse meta tag of your page,you can also learn which and how often a word is used in your page

If you wish you can try from here different meta tag analyse tools
                                                                                                              Analyse your meta tags

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