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how to create a post article in blogger

Writing a post with blogger is very funy, because it has very useful interface,you can insert to your post video,image,link and more with elagant tools.
Log in your blogger dashboard with your gmail account click on "NEW POST"

This is your post area you will create a post here
TITLE: It is your post title and user will find your article with this title so choose the best title for your post.
LABELS: Use some labels for your post,labels are also important for seo that's why choose your labels meticulously,at the same time labels are used for catagorize to your post,so don't use a label if it is not needed.Complete your post and click on "PUBLISH POST" button but pelease read continue to create a perfect post,because you may need some tools while creatin a new post,its tutorial is blow read continue now...


this tool delete your writing one by one it is the same ctrl+z and ctrl+y
it decides to your text font i.e: ariel,courier,georgia, helvatica, times, trebuchet, verdana

it your font size i.e: smallest, small, normal, large, largest

these are your font type i.e: bold, italic,underline, strikethrough

this tool is related with your text and textbacground color i.e: red, yellow, turquoise,blue,pink white, red green blue

add or remove link button to add a link select some text click on "Link" button and paste your link code i.e: this is a link you can edit or change your link with "Edit HTML"

with this tool you can insert some images into your post,you can upload from your PC,or add from any URL/from picassa/from your own blog

you can insert videos with this tool,but attention! your video file format must be mp4, because other formats are uploaded longtime,at the same time you can insert videos from other sites,for example from youtube with its embed code to add video using HTML click on "Edit HTML" button and paste your

insert jump break tool,this tool is used for to get your post read more, but some templates have auto read more hack with thumbnail,you will be able to find this hack later in this blog
jump break looks like this
but it is not seen after you published your post this just alerts you where is there a jump break in your post your visitors see your post looks like this
Müjde Müjde bir çok bedava içerik sunan blogcadergi sonunda siz değerli okuyucularına bir şablon hazırladı,şablon adından da anlaşılacağı üzere Blogger'ı andırıyor,ama basit değil bir çok özellik var.
                                             [read more...]

i think you know this tools from microsoft word/wordpad

complete your post by using these tools and  click on " PUBLISH POST" by the way try to edit your post in draft thus your arrangement will be have saved automatically

always work in draft mode to do this click on "SAVE AS DRAFT"

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