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adding meta tags to the pages


Web pages consists of written with HTML tags, this tags begins with <code> and ends with </code> the image blow shows us building of a page  that created with HTML.When we look at the image we see that the tag head only includes information about the page,and the tag body includes view of the page,contents of the pages,

and the tag HTML includes all in one,it includes all tags,when we visit to a website,we can just see the tags between <body>...</body> the tags between <head>...</head> are for just search engines, and the content in this part does not appear.

We'll add meta tags into <head>...</head> see this tag by seaching your code view/html editor,in blogger follow this steps
3.Edit HTML
4.Find this code using CTRL+F <html>

then add meta tags into your codes

in dreamweaver
in blogger
In blogger you must add your meta tags below the code <head> you can find this code by using CTRL+F from the keyboard

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