10 Ekim 2010 Pazar

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Hi all! this is an article just about the blog and blogging.This blog is being published in Istanbul by a student of German Lang. Teaching Fac.Of Education. It's obvious in the sentense above i'm student,and i'm interested in blogging.Blogging is my world or my world is blogging we are even.

When Did I Start Blogging?

i've started blogging one year ago as a hobby,but later it became a habituation for me.I've learnt many things for blogging.And now i have a perfect experience for blogging.

What Can A Blogger Do?

Blogging is increasing its popularity resent recent days.Bloggers replaced with webmasters.In the past, anybody needed to a webmaster to show their soul mood,but now it is not needed.Everybody can have a blog to show their soul mood.Some are blogging to show their concept,some are blogging for fashion and some are blogging for teaching.But everybody spends a large period from their day.For some,blogging worths to write,because they are earning from blogging.

to be continued

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